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  • Professional students only:

Auditions to enter the academy are held twice a year: January and September.

  • All level students and beginners:

Contact us directly by email!

*New students, contact us before booking for more details.

In-person classes

In-person classes can happen in Lisbon where the academy is based. But sometimes in Paris as well.

Online Classes

Online classes are open to everyone. A fast internet connexion and a computer with a webcam is required.


In addition to regular trumpet classes, you can join one of our masterclasses.


Pierre essentially teaches the basics with Arban Method, concerto, orchestral excerpts. And prepare students for international competitions.


Classes are open to:

- Professional students (upon admission only)

- All level students



It is important to work with high level musicians, and listen to the best music performers. 

A daily work is necessary, you will need to pratice everyday.

Contact us to schedule your first class!

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